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A Dreamed Cachira I

To dream of our people, our country, our “young native land”, means to those who left, for various reasons for other lands, for other latitudes, a coming back in body and spirit to the nostalgia, the memories, and all the previous elements that surround our existence; maybe we retrace the same steps , even though we believe we are doing it with very distinctive visions, we could even say with “ a different style”, with other dreams, but with the same objectives within the political, social and cultural frameworks.

Giving a deserved recognition to those who have started tasks in FAVOR of our municipality, without failing to recognize all that up to now has been accomplished , to those we give thanks for the projects and the steps accomplished; even though we can not forget the necessities which are still pressing us and for which we are short of solutions, we understand that the political actions have not been the most appropriate; we still need to eradicate the negative symptoms of the territorial marginalization within the departmental and national contexts, we are still lacking determination and leadership quality to go hands in hands with the co-participation of the state; therefore, to claim the place that in reality we deserve is imperative and implies making transcendental decisions.

Fortunately in Cachira’ you do not find belts of discouragement as in other regions, neither have we suffered the calamity of a forced displacement in a recalcitrant way. Our homeland is known as a pacific region, with strength that motivates us to dream; however with the objectivity of a conscious diagnostic it is our duty to recognize that some limitations still exist, poverty prevails, employment does not improve with the same rhythm of the demand and therefore the quality of life improves slowly; in the health field you can feel some precariousness; in the educational field the disadvantages exist essentially in the adults and elderly, for the young it does not exist a politic of employment with a managerial vision, we lack a university for the technical formation of our excellent high school graduates, especially for poor people; the recreational activities are not the most adequate for the senior citizens and consequently neither for the children and adolescents; peasants suffer from effective actions in the promotion, the organization and the improvement of the productive process as well as in the offering of their products without intermediation to obtain adequate prices; we need to enlarge and restructure the roads of penetration; in regards to tourism the effort has not been enough in consistency, promotion and planning; in the housing field we are lacking coverage and improvement, even though we already have organized designs we need more planning. It is unquestionable that our land, our community still carries some other deficiencies for the total satisfaction of its basic necessities.

So what should we do? How to dream despite the obligation of generating a transformation towards the development and the growth? What is our vision?

In Cachira is necessary to make good use of the participation of the community, we need to include all the different sectors as well as call together those Cachirenses who emigrated so that they also get involved in an active and supportive way. The municipal administration must be visionary, honest and bold, must have a managerial willingness towards many procedures, multiplying the diligence and keeping a constant dynamic. In order to articulate the fundamentals pillars of development of our municipality, it is necessary to create urban politics as well as politics for the peasants and for the youth; at the same time it is necessary to formulate cultures of corporative and associative labor, in a spirit of solidarity, managerial and industrial; we need to move then towards a social action with the purpose of stimulating a feeling of ownership and therefore towards the identification and preservation of our cultural values; we need to insist for the creation of our own university or at least to aspire to have a satellite location as the beginning of a great project.

In Cachira’exists the necessary backgrounds for extreme sports like paradiving, rafting and ecological walks which entail a healthy adventure.

On the other hand we need to take care of the state in a constant and persuasive way, opt for the recognition of a national government which will allow us to develop big projects (at the same time we need to aspire to be an active and inherent part of the great national spheres, we can have our own representatives there, because it is unquestionable that Cachira’ has very valuable people, of great ability). We need to urgently create local not governmental organizations (like non profit foundations), which work towards cultural and development projects, entities which choose a joint action and serve as liaison between the government and the community for the solution of problems and contribute to the search for structural solutions.

Now it is necessary the task of involving the national and international business world so that the private sector turns itself into the center of the economical and social advancement. We must go with a plan and come up with clear and precise proposals for the international governments and organizations to obtain their solidarity with the certainty that they will listen to us and will contribute in the altruistic practice of our petitions. Cachira’ is a beautiful land; its great wealth is in the value of its community, in the impetus of his men. We dream of it more beautiful and more attractive every day and we conceive it as a little paradise which makes our present great, but we are also people who with faith and bravery imagine an even better future.

__Translated by:__ David Hernandez

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