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In a corner of Northeast Colombia, in the Western part of North of Santander, in the Cordillera of the Andes was born and still lies Cachira. As a mystic but tangible manifestation, God, Man and Nature give us the gift of a beautiful town full of intimate characteristics. There our ancestors were the mysterious creators of history. History that was nourished by the solitary hermits of the ancient cultures, from which its poetry, its rituals, its philosophy and religion were originated; these were not sufficient to create the Egyptian Osiris, the Greek Jupiter, the Persian Ormuz, or the Indu Brama; however, with their particular wisdom they left us in inheritance their magic, their efforts, their visions and the wisdom of their postulates so that we can keep abreast with the times, their dwellings set way up in the heart of the mountains and even if unwritten we are left with the legends of the experiences of the past. These represent the waving flags of the Pre-Colombine gestures. All the steps they took can be felt in the unforgettable footprints of our memory and on the soil on which they walked because they are the stellar footprints of the great gestures left at the caves’ entrance.

Since man’s original and primitive times Cachira was born to exist and it will continue to exist. Cachira lies protected by huge and dangerous mountains which offer homage to the Paramo Lagoon of Guerrero. Wonderful landscapes, different types of soil that nourish the vegetation, winds that blow slowly, merry, cold and lukewarm, winds that march violently and steal the comets to hide them on the treetops, veins of running crystalline water that form streams, brooks and rivers, waters that fall freely for hundreds of meters like the musk in a permanent nativity scene in the Caramba Waterfall (one of the most beautiful in the Americas), a wide variety of flora and fauna, a varied topography, all of these are valid arguments to absolutely fall in love for both the local inhabitants and the foreigner to our region.

Our landscape is well covered by huge eucalyptus, willows, walnuts, citron-trees, oaks, myrtles, orange trees, guava trees and many other different species that cover densely the margins of the infinite paths that seem to run untidily on our capricious map, just like the distances seem not to have a return because certainly it is worthy to “go a little bit further...further beyond to Cachira” It is here in the land of Cachira that the afternoon sun lives its moment of interior peace and rests before it starts the beginning of the sunset, so that it detains for some moments the invariable mark of its movement. And then it leaves because it knows that the moon’s courtship will arrive; and the moon has the task to illuminate the nights that multiply the stars in the universe for the pleasure of all the native people from Cachira as well as of the foreigners, the dreamers and the poets, who as a duty have to cover up to avoid the cold and pungent draughts sent as an assignment from the cold mountains to the lagoon as far as the municipal town

People from Cachira are lovely, generous and smart, hard working, cheerful…very cheerful, enterprising and most of all spontaneous. They warmly welcome the tourists and the foreigners; they offer them a coffee or a glass of aguardiente with the excuse of mitigating the cold weather or to start a new friendship that without any doubt will leave marks. People from Cachira never loose their faith because among sunflowers, lilies, forget-me-not flowers, carnations, roses, hydrangeas, geraniums; the cherubs, the angels and the archangels, they take care of and embalm the Virgin of the Stone. She is the divine treasure who embellishes with holy haloes our land and our sky and protects our people as the Totem took care of our ancestors. Cachira has built its legal history with a great number of governmental, historical, political and social arguments. Throughout the years it has evolved and changed from a small village to a larger one, to a town to finally become the wealthy province of today. For all its precedents, for its great value, for its contributes to the national life, for the fine appearance of his men and his women and for many other virtues, Cachira deserves without any doubt a particular place in the Colombian territorial order, a privilege that increases with the leadership qualities that distinguish it among the national provinces.

Cachira has been for half a century a paradigm in the field of education. It is a center of higher education of great prestige, with an agrarian-ovine Institute which has become one of the best in the country, where students from the Santanderean region as well as from the regions of the north east Colombian coast receive their training. We hope that in a not too distant future we will have an agrarian University and for this we count on the diligence and indispensable good will of our local and national governments and of the private sector as well as the efforts of the people of Cachira.

Cachira continues its traditional agro-ovine fair. This attracts not only the residents, but receives the support and enthusiasm of the colonies spread throughout the country that unite to celebrate the festivities which always turn out simply unforgettable. The celebration starts with horse riding, with the synchronized parade of the galloping horses that bring dynamicity and harmony to the event. The orchestras resound with the effervescent sounds of drums and percussions, so that the high decibels reach the dancing inner ears and the pure heart of the people. The wealth manifests itself in this agro-ovine fair. The exhibition of the agricultural products is essential proof of the fertility of the soil as well as of the variety of the climate. The crops of major and minor species of vegetation nourish our herds, whose quality can be demonstrated with certainty of triumph during the national fairs. It is during the exposition and the milking competition that the milk pails overflow with products from the species Holstein, Nordic, and the other types of cattle, beef, sheep and goats. We only need to think about how to improve our agro industrial sector with the purpose of exporting our products to increase our economic development

In the Manzanares Bulls Square one can live the colors and the sounds of an animated party with the participation of matadors, both experts and novices of international prestige. We have an arena that is just as good as the majestic and monumental arenas in Madrid or Sevilla in Spain or the Santamaria Bulls Square in Bogota’. Among cheers and ole’, music and dust, the double pacing go down the arena’s steps and mix with the movements and the steps of the matador, with the grace and the arts, with the ecstasy of the bull’s puffing, where a whole population lives an universe apart, where the bohemic nature, the feelings and the sense of magic convene in one spirit open to the embraces and without any room for differences. We ask from the Town Administration (the present and the future, even a further distant future) for the greatest diligence. We wish for an honest, active, administration with visions and with great management capabilities in the national and international sectors, both private and public, able to attract and involve all parts; and consequently to confront and resist any pressure or vice, ready to assume the challenges of globalization. We still have thousands of projects left to formulate and execute.

For all these projects Cachira counts on all his sons and on many valuable and generous people in different parts of the world. If we try, we will succeed. It is a big challenge for the local political class; however, we will join their honorable efforts without mean attitudes. We will sin of overdoing, and not of omissions, laziness or mediocrity. The task is difficult, but we will act without doubts, as one family, because it is everyone’s obligation and it asks for total commitment.

We people from Cachira do not have to be stingy with our efforts in favor of our land, we spread our town with pride and with all our soul; therefore this call is for you to get to know a land of enchantment that will take you back over and over to the same place, to Cachira’, the land where one always returns and which one can not forget. Oh!!! do not forget to visit la Carrera, La Vega, Los Mangos, El Páramo de Guerrero, Ramírez, Galvanes, El Manzano, El Llano, la Primavera and many other places!

__Translated by:__ David Hernandez

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