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Cachira - Moving to a BiCentennial Event

Cachira, our beloved town, is getting close to the anniversary of its 200 years, next March 7, 2011. At the same time it is also celebrating a Century as a Municipal Institution. It is a very long historical journey. Its existential paths have been intricated in many occasions, some virulent, other sad, many rejoicing. It has also gone through gentle and glorious circumstances (even though few)) during the lenght of its bisecular existence. Its travel has not been easy; nevertheless it has continued on its existence like an indeclinable instrument. It has maintained its magical flight between sunrises and sunsets. It has opened its heart and its eyes to the early light of the morning like a song of faith, like a story of hope. It has closed its eyelashes to dream….to reach the home of the swarming dawns among the musical winds and the ““Guerrero-s” of the neverending auroras. From its living and Andean night skin, like a wrap that embraces us and fills us with blessings, we see among the wandering clouds and the open skies the flirting of the shooting “lights”, we see the interminable route of the full moon when it brightens (its other daughters, the stars), we hear the wonderful voices of the galaxias which talk about love from the infinity of the universe.

Full of plenitude and truth, Cachira has said: “ Present, always present, eternally present” -, before the details of life, the details of oblivion. Likewise before the details of the sloth, of the ineptitude, of the inefficiency of the local, provincial, regional and national governments (it is not a sophism, nor a lie or an entelechy that perhaps they have tried to erase us from the maps, to negate our existence, which they will never be able to do). Even like this, we have achievements and successes to show, events that ask for gratitude from both native as from foreigners; from both individuals than institutions and organizations.

Despite the adversities, the Cachirenses temperament does not kneel, nor bend or give up. By being perseverant, there we have Cachira, anchored in the time that with great details and search it has made its own; maybe as an image, as a dream, as a reality, as a fortune. It is a “forgotten island, installed in some place somewhere in the World”; despite this not lacking in history, heroism, or transcendente. It is a paradise to which one arrives through any of the open and generous and special doors of its millions cardinal points. To feel the soul of our blessed land is like witnessing a meeting with the amazement, it is like getting drunk with the most supreme and singular of all the ecstasis.

From the extensión of the sublime fragraces of its spring gardens, Cachira tells the World the story of its exsistence (even though it seems to live in the spectrum of rigged silence which presents no complaints nor regrets) and with its melodiuos voice it tells us that the echo of its song will be perennial. It points out that it will overcome attacks and counter-attacks. It tells us that its horizons are renewable every day. It informs us that each conquered horizon will bring with it the heroic movement to its flaming flag, echo to the fury of its hymn, tenacity to the illustrious universe of its indelible shield. For all of this, Cachira has been, is and always will be. And it will be a whole…, a current totality, inexorable and inexhaustible, even though far from its Province, its District, its country, Colombia, and the rest of the World.

I think that for all the people from Cachira this event is a reason, a satisfaction and a vital joy, which invites us to a congregation, to a real and sincere meeting. It is a warm and exciting handshake, a thrill of our souls. However, we need to look beyond the temporary emotions (ephemeral celebration, a celebration of one day, a celebration of one moment) to move towards a real meeting with the contemporary reality. The political, social, economic, cultural, rural and urban reality of our territory. We must observe rigorously within the boundaries of our reality (anchor ourselves within our own map and turn around and observe around and around). Likewise we need to observe our reality and behaviors towards our external environment , towards the world that surrounds us ( and from which, for several reasons, we are separated). If it is necessary to compare, then we have to compare; if it is necessary to require, then we must require; if it is necessary to make changes, then we have to change whatever it is necessary; if it is necessary to provide, we must provide.

An exhaustive look at our historical and un-historical past is indispensable, as well as a sacre requirement and responsibility. A look of affection, love, nostalgia and remembrance for our ancestors, is an inescapable compromise, the most sacred compromise of the Cachirenses human heart. To revisit once more the paths, rediscover the familiar tracks…and traces, it creates the need to look at ourselves in the real back mirror of our steps (some false steps, some steps direct towards certainty, other steps direct to a good cause…, towards a great foundation). We must begin an evaluation. We must analyze with complete honesty deconstructions and constructions.

We must expect to find the heart of the mystery that keeps us alive and giving "war" of various kinds, in many fields, here and there. Mystery that allows us to be in place despite anything. We must ask ourselves about the mistery to which we owe our staying, our “vague” idea of living, and our vehement desire to be and live as an “absolute reality”, translated in a vernacular way as a synonym of the reality of Cachira. With the briefcase of the past years in tow, with the lines written day by day, with the valuable pages from sweating, tiredness, crying and satisfaction, with all of this, the man from Cachira has revealed to the universe his most dear illusions. The Cachirenses maelstrom will have, without doubt, an immaculate and unavoidable pedestal in the weighted and invincible spirit of its sons and benefactors. We must rescue the positive and valuable side of our great and unique bicentennial balance.

Before our territorial event, we also need to feel the skin, the body and the quickening heartbeat of our present Cachira. It is our “obligation” to envision the future with upright spirit, with the conquering vigor of our positive and effective actions. To prevail in our ability and leadership pro-cachirense will be our reason for facing the future. You don’t live two centuries of existence day by day, therefore the history to achieve from now on will be of millenarian charácter, of infinite character. If we speak about the present looking towards our tomorrow, we are talking without a doubt about the future and the major challenge that requires us to build a worthy legacy.

Thus I invite my fellow patriots to live the joy for the birthday of our geographic-historical-social in transit time. To evaluate our individual and collective compromise. To keep a breath of reciprocity with the land who gave birth to us. The invitation is extended to those who have benefitted or benefit from it, or for those who love it with their own feelings. Let’s hope that each individual from Cachira asks himself: what is my contribution? In the meantime, with humility, I say to all of you that this is my small contribution so that my land will not die with time, so that Cachira is also the reason of being for my voice and my song, and I celebrate it with my words, with the simplicity of a wonderful gift that God gave me.

Jesús María Stapper Bogotá D. C. Colombia, South America, October 1st, 2010

__Translated by:__ David Hernandez

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