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Hector Morinelli

One of the aspects that could be very distant, in the context of the opposite gender, in the general meaning and more specifically in reference to the woman, is to begin a little presentation of the history of the Cachirense woman and the first thing we should ask ourselves in this bicentennial is “What did the foundation of Cachira’ mean for the women of that generation? “ It was the opportunity to integrate themselves and become part of a key event in history. While during the colonial period women lived marginalized from what we can call any matter of colonization, of the republican life, of the life of the Independence and of the patriots, now they assumed a position of vanguard. From them, for sure, we were not left with speeches and writings that showed us a political thought. We are left only, like a mute body, with the memory of its heroism and sacrifice. The irony of the history lies in the fact that after the war, the republicanism imprisoned again the women in their home, in the domestic. The ideals of liberty and rights, which had excited them, were forgotten in the sleepy XIX century, shaken by other wars which called them. Continue Leyendo →    

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