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Jesús María Stapper

Cachira, our beloved town, is getting close to the anniversary of its 200 years, next March 7, 2011. At the same time it is also celebrating a Century as a Municipal Institution. It is a very long historical journey. Its existential paths have been intricated in many occasions, some virulent, other sad, many rejoicing. It has also gone through gentle and glorious circumstances (even though few)) during the lenght of its bisecular existence. Its travel has not been easy; nevertheless it has continued on its existence like an indeclinable instrument. It has maintained its magical flight between sunrises and sunsets. It has opened its heart and its eyes to the early light of the morning like a song of faith, like a story of hope. It has closed its eyelashes to dream….to reach the home of the swarming dawns among the musical winds and the ““Guerrero-s” of the neverending auroras. From its living and Andean night skin, like a wrap that embraces us and fills us with blessings, we see among the wandering clouds and the open skies the flirting of the shooting “lights”, we see the interminable route of the full moon when it brightens (its other daughters, the stars), we hear the wonderful voices of the galaxias which talk about love from the infinity of the universe. Continue Leyendo →    

To talk about a territory, or to fully recognize it, it is necessary to observe it from a “meeting of associations”, similar to those mentioned in the “Republic” by Plato, in reference to the definition of a state or a sub concept of the same state. Continue Leyendo →    

An irreverent suggestion or question, this is the uneasiness that the present title creates. If it is an irreverent suggestion, its meaning slightly pejorative, it would mean that we are “excessive in everything”, we are the best, we don’t lack anything and we pursue the avant-garde, the constant advancements and the prosperity in permanent evolution, everything or almost everything done to perfection. Continue Leyendo →    

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In a corner of Northeast Colombia, in the Western part of North of Santander, in the Cordillera of the Andes was born and still lies Cachira. As a mystic but tangible manifestation, God, Man and Nature give us the gift of a beautiful town full of intimate characteristics. There our ancestors were the mysterious creators of history. History that was nourished by the solitary hermits of the ancient cultures, from which its poetry, its rituals, its philosophy and religion were originated; these were not sufficient to create the Egyptian Osiris, the Greek Jupiter, the Persian Ormuz, or the Indu Brama; however, with their particular wisdom they left us in inheritance their magic, their efforts, their visions and the wisdom of their postulates so that we can keep abreast with the times, their dwellings set way up in the heart of the mountains and even if unwritten we are left with the legends of the experiences of the past. These represent the waving flags of the Pre-Colombine gestures. All the steps they took can be felt in the unforgettable footprints of our memory and on the soil on which they walked because they are the stellar footprints of the great gestures left at the caves’ entrance. Continue Leyendo →    

To dream of our people, our country, our “young native land”, means to those who left, for various reasons for other lands, for other latitudes, a coming back in body and spirit to the nostalgia, the memories, and all the previous elements that surround our existence; maybe we retrace the same steps , even though we believe we are doing it with very distinctive visions, we could even say with “ a different style”, with other dreams, but with the same objectives within the political, social and cultural frameworks. Continue Leyendo →    

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